Yes, ladies. You can travel solo to Santorini and still have a blast. Wanna know how?

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In 2015, my mom was helping me pay rent, but I booked a one-way ticket to Spain. 

I thought I was making a reckless decision. I had been out of college for two years but hadn't settled into a career. My friends were getting promoted at big companies. Yet all I could think of was Spain, where I had studied abroad for 5 happy months. I said screw it and booked a one-way ticket. Then, I started living a life I loved. Touring palaces in Sevilla, eating waffles in Bruges, wine-tasting in Porto I went on a 22-day solo trip around the Mediterranean. Although I was scared out of my mind, I wasn't going to wait to see the world any longer. The trip changed me. It challenged me to let go of fear and self-limiting beliefs. It taught me that the world really isn't that scary. Strangers were eager to invite me for lunch or help me find my way. It has been almost 2 years since my trip around the Mediterranean. Today, I'm a fulltime solo traveler. My goal is to help women like you let go of fear, stop waiting for people, and experience the freedom of solo travel. It’s 2018 already. You owe it to yourself not to wait anymore. Click the button and I'll send you a 25-page guide to go off on your own Mediterranean adventure.