Who else wants to work from a beach in Greece?

I thought this was some wild fantasy...until I did it. How? I turned my love for travel into an online business. Didn't know jack about business, either. Now, I work from my computer anywhere I want. 

Think hard. What do you want? No, what do you really want? To finally pursue a life without the restrictions of a 9-5? A flexible schedule, months of travel, no pointless meetings, and no boss hovering over your shoulder. Repeat after me: I will create a profitable travel blog in 2019.  

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If you've been thinking about creating a money-making travel blog, then this is for you. 

Here's some of what's inside...

  • How To Start a Profitable Travel Blog - 25 Page Guide
  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - 10 Page Guide
  • How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Blog - Worksheets

 Who am I?

Somto Ugwueze

Hi! I'm Somto, and I'm a travel blogger and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. I help new travel bloggers fast-track their success by focusing on the things that matter. This year, I was featured in the Huffington Post, Travel Noire, and Be My Travel Muse. 

Here's the thing: you don't need get 10,000 Instagram followers, and Facebook threads are a waste of time. Just focus on these 3 things: traffic, an email list, and a monetization plan. Join my free library for tutorials and guides to turn your blog into a real business!

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